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A California native based in the Bay Area, I am primarily a contemporary landscape artist.   Inspired by nature, travel around the world, as well as my local coastal environment, I create paintings that are vibrant and full of joy.  Subject matter for my work ranges from colorful gardens and landscapes to modern botanicals.


Working in multiple media formats including watercolor, acrylic, and pastels, I layer and blend colors to create atmosphere and sumptuous textures. My unique layering process starts with hand-printing initial images using a gel plate on thick cotton paper.  Additional layers are added with acrylic paint and then finished with watercolor/gouache and pastels.  

Other projects include 2 richly illustrated books: 

Cooking at the Chateau - Seasonal menus from the south of France was developed after a delightful summer in the south of France and features my artwork and original recipes.

In the Garden features 12 bay area gardens,  descriptions and my paintings from each locations. (Both are available on Amazon). 

I never tire of traveling to new places or walking along my favorite local beach.  For me, creativity comes from a blend of both exploration and stillness.

My original paintings are available at:

Gallery 9

143 Main St., Los Altos, CA

(650) 941-7969

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