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Travel Sketchbooks -

My feet and mind are restless. As someone accustomed to crisscrossing the country each month for work and traveling abroad whenever possible, I cannot wait to hit the road once more. This week, I found myself flipping through sketchbooks from pre-COVID travels in 2019 to help calm my need to go somewhere, anywhere.

While I’m an avid photographer and take lots of photos, sketchbooks filled with pages of colorful drawings hold my most authentic memories from each trip. There is something about slowing down and putting pen and brush to paper that embeds the moments and colors more clearly than any photograph. Looking at each image, I can remember how the sun felt sitting on an elephant in Jaipur, the cobblestone streets under my feet in Puglia or the smell of lunch being served in a local café in Buenos Aires.

With the next wave of illness looming, I must content myself by filling sketchbooks with things closer to home like outings to the local beaches, farmer's markets and botanic gardens and look forward to an October trip to Tahoe. Bigger journeys will have to wait a little bit longer. In the meantime, enjoy a peak at my travels to Argentina and Puglia and dream of new adventures.


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