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In The Garden: September 2022 Gallery Show

Updated: May 19, 2022

Some very exciting news...I'll be having my first solo show at Gallery9/Los Altos over the month of September 2022 (yes, in less than 3 months). While I have been exhibiting at the gallery over the last year, I am learning what is takes to have your own show. One of the first tasks, deciding on a show theme, was fairy easy. In The Garden will highlight my love of nature and landscapes, using many of the wonderful gardens in the Bay Area as inspiration.

Large, grand estates such as the gardens at Filoli, or specialized seasonal gems like Nola's Iris Garden, are an unlimited source of beauty and joy. They make me want to pick up my brushes to capture stunning vistas or the smallest detail of a leaf or the delicate shades of flower petals. My upcoming show will highlight these local gardens with a series of colorful paintings. (I have listed some of my favorite gardens in the table below.)

Picking a theme and visiting the gardens are of course the easiest parts to putting on such an event. In the weeks since the calendar was finalized, the amount of work to get ready has thrown me back into my project planning roots. There is much to be done, not the least of which is creating/curating 20+ paintings needed to fill the large gallery space. Other less glamorous but equally important tasks include pulling together marketing plans and all the related materials as well as staging the Gallery Opening event. Luckily my more experienced fellow artists at the gallery have been extremely helpful.

I'm a bit nervous, but once my art is up on the walls and I have a glass of champagne in my hand at the Opening, all will be good. Taking a leap is what makes life interesting.

If you are intrigued, curious or love art and gardens, please stop by Opening night festivities or anytime in September.


In The Garden - Paintings by Kathryn Hilton

Date: August 30th-October 1st 2022

Opening: September 2nd, 5-8pm

Location: Gallery 9,143 Main Street, Los Altos,CA

Favorite Bay Area Gardens:

Filoli Estate & Garden

Woodside, CA

Hakone Garden

Saratoga, Ca

Municipal Rose Garden

San Jose, CA

Allied Arts Gardens

Menlo Park, CA

Stanford's Arizona Garden

Palo Alto, CA

Nola's Iris Garden

San Jose, CA

Gamble House & Garden

Palo Alto, CA

CharMarron Peony Garden

San Jose, CA

Villa Montalvo

Saratoga, CA

Memory Garden

Monterey, CA

Los Altos History House/Garden

Los Altos, CA

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